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Growth, Enterprise and Trade

Core and Sample Storage
Growth, Enterprise and Trade maintains a complete library of all cores and samples taken from wells drilled under The Oil and Gas Act for the purpose of oil and gas exploration and development in southwestern Manitoba.

Wells drilled to obtain stratigraphic data in the Paleozoic outcrop belt, as well as cores and samples from test holes drilled under the "Manitoba Stratigraphic Core Hole Program" are also maintained. These include Precambrian tests, notably those in the Winnipeg, Grand Rapids, The Pas, and Hudson Bay Lowlands areas.

Core reports

Updated June 16, 2017

Examination Procedure

A complete library of cores and samples from non-confidential wells drilled in Manitoba is maintained at the Department's core storage facility in Winnipeg. Microscopes are available upon request. An index of core information on Manitoba wells is available in the Winnipeg Petroleum Branch office. If you wish to view Manitoba well information at the core lab arrangements must be made while booking your appointment. Arrangements for core examination may be made through:

    Colin Epp
    Core and Storage Building
    10 Midland Street
    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    R3E 2Y6

    Phone: 204-945-6550
    or 204-945-1776
    Fax: 204-948-2164


Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

General Information

The Core Storage Building is a secured facility. Access is obtained by contacting Colin Epp.

Visitors are encouraged to notify staff of the Core Storage Building one(1) week prior to core and sample examination.
No charge is levied for use of the Core and Sample Storage facility.
Equipment (i.e. microscopes, etc.) is available upon request.

    Special Requests

    Written permission must be obtained to sample core, or to remove core from the facility, for purposes of analysis.

    Please forward requests for the above noted to:

      Pamela Fulton-Regula
      Senior Petroleum Geologist
      Petroleum Branch
      360-1395 Ellice Avenue
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3G 3P2

      Telephone: (204) 945-6506
      Fax: (204) 945-0586

Statigraphic test hole information can be obtained from Geological Services Branch at
204-945-6567 or fax 204-945-0586.

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