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Growth, Enterprise and Trade

Branch Services
  Mineral Resources Staff MB Phone Book
Director, Petroleum Jim Crone Addresses:
Administrative Assistant -
Petroleum & Energy
Maria Bernasconi Petroleum Branch -Winnipeg 360-1395 Ellice Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3G 3P2
Fax: (204) 945-0586
Phone: (204) 945-6577
Toll Free: 1-800-223-5215
Administrative Assisant,
A/Accounting Clerk
Jacqueline Gervais
Accounts Nicholas Wight
Engineering Peter Mraz
Freedom of Information  
Digital Information Services    
Programmer Ishtiaque Shahrier Petroleum Branch - Virden
Box 1359 - 227-King Street Virden, Manitoba Canada R0M 2C0
Fax: (204) 748-2208
Phone: (204) 748-4260
Toll Free: 1-800-223-5215
GIS Technician / Internet Coordinator Christine Steele
Petroleum Registrar Peter Mraz
Field Operations, Inspection,
Complaint Investigation      
    Petroleum Branch -Waskada
Box 220-23 Railway Ave
Waskada, Manitoba Canada R0M 2E0
Fax: (204) 673-2767
Phone: (204) 673-2472
Toll Free: 1-800-223-5215
VIrden District
Petroleum Inspector Allan Gervin
Petroleum Inspector Barb Johnston
Petroleum Inspector Scott Westbrook
Petroleum Technician  
Virden Secretary Lisa Williams  
    Midland Lab
10 Midland Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3E 2Y6
Fax: (204) 948-2164
Phone: (204) 945-6550
Waskada District  
Senior Petroleum Inspector Lorne Barsness
Petroleum Inspector Landon Fraser
Petroleum Technician Twila Jolly
Waskada Secretary Tammy Hodgson  
Applications - Technical Leo Leonen or Ahmed Abdelrahman
Applications - Salt Water Disposal Leo Leonen or Ahmed Abdelrahman
Core & Sample Storage Viorel Varga
Midland Viewing Requests Viorel Varga
Core Examination Pamela Fulton-Regula
Crown Land Sales & Land Tenure Angela Hiebert
Crown Lease Records/Sale Results Angela Hiebert
Data Exports Christine Steele
Drilling Licences Carrie Rose or Ahmed Abdelrahman
Freehold Leasing (General)  
Gas Storage Peter Mraz
Geological Information Pamela Fulton-Regula
Geophysical Operations Twila Jolly
Geophysical Well Logs Carmelle Noiseux
Geographical Information Systems Christine Steele
Holiday Volume Heather Tisdale
Incentive Programs  
Administrative Records Nicholas Wight
Internet Christine Steele
Manitoba Electronic Well Licence Application Carrie Rose or Ahmed Abdelrahman
Maps, Reports & Publications Lisa Williams
Oil & Gas Lease Agents Angela Hiebert
Oil Prices Heather Tisdale
Pipelines Peter Mraz
Policy Matters - General  
Pool & Unitization Leo Leonen
Production/Injection Data Digital Heather Tisdale
Recompletion etc. Leo Leonen or Ahmed Abdelrahman
Reservoir Information Leo Leonen
Royalty/Tax, Reports/Statements Nicholas Wight
Surface Rights - General  
Weekly Well Activity Report Carrie Rose / Ahmed Abdelrahman
Well Licence Transfers Carrie Rose