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Growth, Enterprise and Trade

GIS Map Gallery

Interactive GIS Map Gallery

The Petroleum Branch has developed this Interactive Map to provide a variety of current data relating to the Oil and gas Industry in Manitoba.
Use this map to find information on Oil and Gas infrastructure, including Wells, Flow Lines, Batteries and Facilities, as well as regional geology, land use and administrative boundaries.
Click the Launch button below to start using the map, where you can search, navigate, inspect, and extract data.
Updated: June 2017

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Technical Well Files

Technical well files contain extensive information about each well, including site drawings, approvals, activity information, core analyses, logs, and other information
Scanned PDF format documents are available for download for most wells.
To search for documents by License, Click Here.
Links to technical well files are also available within the Map Gallery


For questions regarding Crown leases and  
Crown land ownership

please contact:
Angela Hiebert
Petroleum Leasing Clerk
For questions regarding field and
pool information

please contact: 
Pamela Fulton-Regula

For GIS technical questions and Shapefile distribution
please visit Using the GIS or contact:
Christine Steele

GIS Technician/Internet Coordinator

For digital information
please visit our Digital Information section.

Technical Files & Downloadable Maps

GIS Shapefiles

Well locations (zip) June 16, 2017
Crown Lands (zip) June 20, 2017
Unit Boundaries (zip) June 2017
Oil Field Boundaries (zip)
April 2017
Oil Pool Layers (zip) April 26, 2016


Well Location Map #7
Updated June 16, 2017
This static map shows well locations, 
their present status and oil field boundaries within the primary oil
producing area including: Twps 1-22, Rges 19-29

Well Location Map
Updated April 25, 2017
This static map shows well locations, 
their present status and oil field boundaries over a larger region including
Twp 1-45, Rge 29W1 - 1E1

Crown Oil and Gas Rights
Updated June 20, 2017
This static map shows well locations, 
their present status, oil field boundaries,
Crown mineral ownership and leased areas. Twps 1-22, Rges 19-29

Pool Location Map
Updated April 2016
This static map shows the location
and boundaries of all currently designated pools and fields, the geological zone from which each pool produces, along with well locations.
Twps. 1-12, Rges 19-29 WPM.

Municipal Map - Southwestern Manitoba

Unit Boundary PDF Poster
June 2017
Unit Quick Maps
- Unit Participations report
- Unit Operators report

Seismic Base Maps
Stratigraphic Maps
Other Geological Maps

Sinclair Bakken-Three Forks
Development Overview
January 19th, 2006

Sinclair Field 2003-2012

Seismic Location Map
Updated July 26, 2013

For a list of printed and digital
maps and publications please
visit our Publications and Maps
section or contact:
Lisa Williams,
Administrative Secretary, Petroelum Branch