Apply for Your Apprenticeship

Educational Requirements

In most trades, here are two main ways in which to meet the educational requirements in order to register as an apprentice:

  1. Submit a grade 12 transcript or the equivalent from a non-Canadian jurisdiction; OR
  2. Register as an Access Program Trainee

Access Program Trainee

The Access Program Trainee stream is for these that do not have a grade 12 transcript but still want to complete an apprenticeship program. In this stream, your agreement is still registered but before you can attend technical training, we will set up a meeting for you at AWEST where you will be evaluated on trade related essential skills. This assessment will help you get prepared for technical training and ensure that you will be successful for the in-classroom portion of your apprenticeship program. Once you have a successful completed any required upgrading, they are able to register for technical training, and continue through your apprenticeship program.