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Trade Description:

Construction craft workers are responsible for site preparation and cleanup, setting up and removing access equipment, working on concrete and masonry, steel, wood and pre-cast erecting projects. They handle materials and equipment and perform demolition, excavation and compaction activities. They may also be responsible for site security and management of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They are usually found working on a variety of structures including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as hydroelectric dams, roadways, bridges and railways. In some areas, they may also work on utility, landscape and pipeline projects.

Construction craft workers are mostly found on construction sites and work for private as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments.

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Apprenticeship - Annual Requirements:

Levels Total Hours/Year
(On-the-Job & Technical Training)
Total Weeks/Year
(Technical Training)
Delivered By
2 1,800   8-8  RRC

Training Standards:

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Challenging the Exam - Trades Qualification:

Years of Experience
Hours Required
Additional Practical
Exam Required
3 5,400 No
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