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Pre-Engineered Building Erector

Trade Description:

Pre-engineered building erectors fabricate, construct and join scaffolding, and erect pre-engineered buildings. They are limited to work on one-storey, steel framed buildings generally referred to pre-engineered buildings.

Most pre-engineered building erectors are employed by a variety of construction contractors.

Trade Regulation
Provincial Occupational Analysis

Apprenticeship - Annual Requirements:

Levels Total Hours/Year
(On-the-Job & Technical Training)
Total Weeks/Year
(Technical Training)
Delivered By
2  1,800  9-10  RRC

Training Standards:

PDF Document Level One PDF Document Level Chart
PDF Document Level Two PDF Document Profile Chart
PDF Document POA Subtask to Unit Comparison

Challenging the Exam - Trades Qualification:

Years of Experience Hours Required
Additional Practical
Exam Required
3 5,400 No
Questions regarding eligibility to challenge this trade
should be directed to

Designated Trainers:

PDF Document Work Experience Form