Information for Employers

Managing Apprentices

4 Steps to Success

Apprenticeship doesn't have to be complicated. Once you've recruited and hired your apprentice, follows these 4 steps to success.

NEW: Reporting of Apprentice On-The-Job Hours

As of January 2023, there will be a NEW method for apprentices to record their hours. Please consult the FAQ and Employer Information leaflet in Step 3 below.


Step 1

Workplace Orientation & Training Plan

As an employer, you need to create a workplace environment that will help your apprentice succeed:

  • You must orient your apprentice to the workplace and the trade.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your apprentice has proper equipment and understands the safety standards of your workplace, is clear on which certified journeyperson (or equivalent) is responsible for their work-based training, receives work-based training that incorporates the full scope of the trade. Training can take place at multiple work sites, if required.

The supervising journeyperson and the apprentice all need to be fully familiar with the competencies your apprentice should be learning. You can work together to create a training plan. If you need help creating a training plan, contact us and we can help.

Step 2


Both the employer-sponsor and apprentice need to register with Apprenticeship Manitoba. It's important to do it as soon as possible to activate the apprenticeship. Learn more at Register Your Apprenticeship.

Step 3

Track & Report Work-Based Training Hours

The journeyperson and apprentice are jointly responsible for managing progress towards completion of the apprenticeship. As a journeyperson-employer, you need to track your apprentice's hours and report them regularly.

Your apprentice's program will require a set amount of work-based training hours - about 80% of their total apprenticeship.

About 20% of your apprentice's time will be spent in technical (classroom) training. Technical training includes both theoretical and practical assessments. Apprentices must achieve an overall score of 70% to pass and get a credit for each level of technical training.

On line report of hours - FAQ

On line report of hours - Employer

Step 4

Technical Training Release Time

As an employer, you are required to make it possible for your apprentice to take technical training. This may include releasing your apprentice from work for the duration of the technical class. Talk to your apprentice early on, and work together to determine the best options for training times, to meet your business needs and allow your apprentice to get the required training.

The first technical training is generally scheduled one year after registering as an apprentice. If your apprentice has been working in the trade for some time, a shorter interval may be appropriate.

Classes fill up quickly, encourage your apprentice to register well in advance.