About Apprenticeship Manitoba

Apprenticeship Manitoba Vision

To be the model for training and certification of skilled workers.


Apprenticeship Manitoba Mission

To provide access to training, supports and certification of skilled workers to help meet the needs of Manitoba industry.


Roles and Responsibilities

Apprenticeship Manitoba (AM) is responsible for the administration of The Apprenticeship and Certification Act, the Apprenticeship and Certification - General Regulation, the Apprenticeship and Certification Fees Regulation, the Appeals Procedure Regulation, the Administrative Penalty Regulation, and apprenticeship programs for more than 55 trades designated under the Act. AM also coordinates the training and qualifications system that delivers accredited, structured, workplace-based skills and technical training to apprentices, leading to journeyperson certification. Additionally, AM facilitates certification through trade qualification for experienced tradespeople who seek formal certification in their trade.

AM provides support to the Apprenticeship and Certification Board by helping the Board reach goals set within the annual strategic plan. In its role within this partnership, AM promotes trades training and certification to industry standards; co-ordinates information and planning for the designation of new trades; develops competency standards and curricula in co-operation with Manitoba industry and other provincial/territorial apprenticeship systems; processes requests for the accreditation of training programs to designated trade standards; assists underrepresented groups to access apprenticeship training; provides counsel on trades careers and certification matters; and performs other essential support services to facilitate apprenticeship training and certification.

The Executive Director of AM is the Secretary to the Board, and is the main contact for interprovincial and pan-Canadian apprenticeship initiatives. The Executive Director is responsible for consulting with industry, and represents Manitoba on the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA).