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Technical Training Registration Week (TTRW)
will be here soon!
Get ready to register for newly planned technical training classes being held between April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025.  

2024-25 TTRW Details
Technical Training is a vital part of your apprenticeship, it makes up approximately 20% of your apprenticeship time toward Certification. Apprenticeship Manitoba recommends that you work at least half of a level, or 6 months on-the-job, prior to registering and attending the corresponding level of technical training. It is also recommended that an apprentice attend technical training once per year.

To View the NEW and the Current year’s schedules, click each link below:

* there may be seats still available in the current year’s training.
* review the Trade Registration Table to view your trade’s opening day.

Fees associated with training registration:

Apprentice Personal Contribution Fees to register for Technical Training

Did you know –

The Province pays the remaining tuition for each apprentice, which is an average of $4,200 per technical training course.
4-8 Week Course
9 Week Course
10 Week Course
11 Week Course
12 Week Course

Further information and FAQs - please review each item in preparation of TTRW:
  1. Technical training locations – courses are planned and scheduled with the following three colleges:
    • Assiniboine Community College (ACC – Len Evans Ctr) located in Brandon MB
    • Red River College Polytechnic (RRC) located in Winnipeg MB
    • University College of the North (UCN) located in The Pas and Thompson
      • and UCN-Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology in Winnipeg
  2. Course selection - (click on the arrow to view responses):

  3. a. Have you reviewed the Course Schedules (links above) and the Trade Registration Table (scroll below) to confirm which college, or colleges, deliver your trade’s training and what day(s) your Trade’s training registration opens?
    • The two Technical Training Course Schedule links above contain full course details – location, dates, duration, etc.
    • The Trade Registration Table (scroll below) identifies when your trade and level of training will open for registration and the ‘How to register’ information is located just above the table.

    b. Do you have your employer’s consent and support to register and attend training?
    • Obtaining your employer’s support is mandatory, ensuring they will release you from work to attend school.

    c. Is the technical training Personal Contribution Fee refundable or transferable to another class?
    • The fee is a regulated component of your apprenticeship program and is non-refundable and non-transferable, unless the circumstances for the refund/transfer request align with the Tuition Refund and Transfer Policy – please click the link below to view:
      • Only pay for technical training if you are certain about the dates and location AND have your employer’s consent.

    d. What if you have HSAP Incentive Credits but decide to go online to pay by credit card?
    • That is your choice. It is important to note there are no refunds or transfers; HSAP Incentive credits cannot be swapped for an initial fee paid. The incentive credits will remain on your profile for future use (and are valid for seven years from their implementation).

    e. What if every seat for your trade and level of training sell out?
    • Contact your Apprenticeship Training Coordinator (ATC) directly to be placed on an Interest List. Courses are monitored regularly and the Interest List is created when NO SEATS remain at any college, for a specific trade and level. It provides feedback from clients and validates our ability to request class additions throughout the year, if a minimum of 10 names are confirmed.
    • AND - Monitor technical training section regularly because if another apprentice cancels from a class, their seat immediately opens online to any eligible apprentice.

    f. What if you don’t see seats at your preferred college, but there are seats available at another college?
    • As an apprentice, you have the option to register at any training facility holding your trade’s training. There may be fund supports available to eligible apprentices which can assist with lodging, commuting, bus, child care, etc.

    g. Can a seat be held for an apprentice?
    • Registering for technical training is first come, first serve. Apprenticeship staff cannot hold or guarantee a seat for an apprentice.

  4. Course delivery - Training delivery is in-person, on campus, however, we still ask that you visit the Colleges’ website prior to registering for technical training to review their most up-to-date information.
  5. How to register for Technical Training – Please review each question to identify your circumstances (click on the arrow to view responses):

  6. a. Are you progressing through your apprenticeship and registering for the next level of training:
    • Apply online. To register for your next level of training, go to
      • If you have not created your login and password, activated your account, or have forgotten your password, please go to to begin the process, do not wait until registration week. The Help Desk is available now and during registration week – contact them by phone at 204-945-3337 or toll-free at 1-877-978-7233 or by direct email at the site, if you: have issues logging in or need to activate your account.

    b. Do you have available High School Apprenticeship (HSAP) Incentive credits:
    • Call 204-945-4016 or 1-888-945-4016 on Monday, Nov 20th, 2023 between 8:30 – 4:30.
      • For the first time, apprentices with available HSAP Incentive Credits may call in to use their credits on Nov 20th, 2023, the day before TTRW general registrations open.
      • Contact your Apprenticeship Training Coordinator (ATC) PRIOR to this date to confirm you have HSAP credits. In cases where credits cannot be confirmed, the apprentice must register during the trade’s opening day and pay the required fee, accordingly.
        • Apprentices with HSAP Incentive Credits, who choose to go online during the general registration week timelines to pay their Personal Contribution Fee, will not be refunded; the initial fee paid cannot be exchanged with HSAP credits at a later date.

    c. Are you an apprentice repeating a level of technical training:
    • Call 204-945-4016 or 1-888-945-4016.
    • Note - If you are attempting a level for a third (or more) times, you may require proof of upgrading prior to registering. Contact your Apprenticeship Training Coordinator (ATC) to discuss this PRIOR to your trade’s opening day of registration.

    d. Are you an employer paying for your apprentice’s technical training:
    • Call 204-945-4016 or 1-888-945-4016 (separate payment is required for each apprentice).
    • Please ensure you have confirmed training dates and locations with your apprentice(s) prior to making a registration payment because fees are not refundable nor transferable.
Trade Registration Table
2024-2025 TTRW
*Phone in registrations are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day.
Online opens at 8:30 am each day and once opened, is available 24/7.
Nov 20, 2023
Nov 21, 2023
Nov 22, 2023
Nov 23, 2023
Nov 24, 2023
Apprentices who have available HSAP Incentive Credits may phone in to register for technical training on this date for all trades and levels.
Call 204-945-4016 or 1-888-945-4016
Staff answering calls will validate available credits prior to registration.
Automotive Service Technician (includes ASEP and ASSET)

Construction Electrician Level 1 only

Industrial Electrician Level 1 only


Power Electrician Level 1 only
Agricultural Equipment Tech - Level 1

Heavy Duty Equipment Tech - Level 1

Electrician Level 3 and Level 4

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Mechanic

Truck and Transport Mechanic - Level 1
Agriculture Equipment Technician - Levels 2, 3 and 4

Construction Electrician Level 2 only

Industrial Electrician Level 2 only

Power Electrician Level 2 only

Truck & Transport Mechanic - Levels 2, 3 and 4



Landscape Horticulturist


Mobile Crane Operator

Tool and Die Maker

Nov 27, 2023
Nov 28, 2023
Nov 29, 2023
Nov 30, 2023
Dec 1, 2023
Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson


Construction Electrician Level 3 only

Industrial Electrician Level 3 and 4 only

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Automotive Painter

Domestic Gasfitter

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician - Levels 2, 3 and 4


Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal & Paint)

Roofer / Sloped Roofer

Sheet Metal Worker
Construction Electrician Level 4 only

Marine & Outdoor Power Equipment Technician

Painter and Decorator

Transport Trailer Technician


Insulator (Heat & Frost)



Sprinkler Fitter

Regular Business

Please Note: 

  • There is no scheduled training at this time for the following trades: Computer Numeric Control Machinist (CNC), Construction Craft Worker, Pork Production Technician.
  • Training for the following trades is offered out of Province: Glazier, Industrial Instrumentation Mechanic, Partsperson (online delivery), Concrete Finisher, Floorcovering Installer, Recreation Vehicle Service Technician.
  • Training for the following trades is administered by the Employer or Organization: Diesel Engine Mechanic, Railway Car Technician, Gas Turbine Repair & Overhaul Technician.