Budget 2018 - Manitobans Making Choices

Keeping our promises. Real progress for the agriculture sector.

Budget 2018 puts Manitoba's economy on the road to recovery and provides a solid plan for making Manitoba the most improved province in Canada.

We're investing in priorities that support a strong agricultural sector across Manitoba including:

  • implementing the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Multilateral Framework Agreement on April 1 to support the investment of $176 million over five years in strategic programming focused on the sustainability and competitiveness of the agriculture and food sector;
  • maintaining crucial programs such as AgriInsurance, and Agricultural Income Stabilization including AgriStability and AgriInvest and enhancing coverage to include corn, soybeans, and some novel crops;
  • providing targeted financial assistance of $1.5 million to agriculture producers in advance of the adoption of beneficial management practices to improve environmental sustainability of their operations;
  • investing an additional $3.6 million for the farmland school tax rebate program, making sure farmers get to keep more money in their pockets and can put more money back into their operations;
  • providing a $133,000 increase in funding for the Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory to purchase specialized equipment; and
  • increasing the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program budget by $151,000 to mitigate damages caused by wildlife.