Budget 2018 - Manitobans Making Choices

Keeping our promises. Real progress for crime prevention and policing.

Budget 2018 puts Manitoba's economy on the road to recovery and provides a solid plan for making Manitoba the most improved province in Canada.

We're investing in priorities that support crime prevention and policing across Manitoba including:

  • investing nearly $12 million more in Manitoba Justice;
  • providing $2.5 million for custody corrections;
  • investing an additional $6.8 million for community and First Nations policing;
  • providing an additional $250,000 for community-based crime prevention programs;
  • supporting The Salvation Army's restorative justice program for domestic violence offenders;
  • increasing supports for legal aid coverage for asylum seekers; and
  • investing $363,000 to establish a Strategic Innovation Unit, which will focus on long-term strategic projects including a comprehensive review of police services in Manitoba and further modernization of the justice system.