Budget 2018 - Manitobans Making Choices

Keeping our promises. Real progress for Indigenous peoples.

Budget 2018 puts Manitoba's economy on the road to recovery and provides a solid plan for making Manitoba the most improved province in Canada.

We're investing in priorities that support the Indigenous community across Manitoba including:

  • increasing funding by $217,000 for the co-ordination Crown/Aboriginal consultations on major resource development projects;
  • negotiating and implementing natural resource-related settlement agreements and Treaty Land Entitlement agreements including maintaining funding of more than $670,000 for agreement implementation;
  • continuing grant funding for the Northern Health Foods Initiative to support food security efforts in assigned communities and other special projects for school nourishment programs in northern schools;
  • providing grant funding for the Northern Youth Empowerment Initiative, which provides assistance and program support to youth-focused programs in northern Manitoba;
  • maintaining grant funding for the Northern Water Safety Program, which is provided through the Life Saving Society of Manitoba;
  • focusing on provincial community engagement initiatives, exploring models to integrate water and waste-water projects for Northern Affairs communities and resolving outstanding constitutional and treaty obligations through settlement agreements; and
  • undertaking consultation with communities to streamline The Northern Affairs Act for red-tape reduction and other opportunities for sustainability.