Recordkeeping Guidance

Under the Archives and Recordkeeping Act, the Government Records Office (GRO) promotes and supports good recordkeeping by developing guidance for government departments and agencies.

Nationally and internationally, a wide range of work is being undertaken to develop standards and best practices for recordkeeping. In particular, there is a recognized need for new strategies and tools to effectively manage electronic records. GRO is following these developments and advises government on accepted professional and industry standards, and their application in the Manitoba government. Please contact us for more information.

Document Date
Creating and Capturing Records (PDF) March 2022
Deputy Minister Recordkeeping Responsibilities (PDF) October 2021
Determining Retention Periods (PDF) March 2022
Digitizing Records (PDF) May 2018
Electronic Recordkeeping FAQs (PDF) June 2018
File Structures (PDF) July 2019
Functional Analysis for Records (PDF) February 2020
Government Records Policy: Office Paper Shredders (PDF) October 2013
High-risk/High-value Records and Information (PDF) April 2020
Identifying Government Records (PDF) November 2017
Managing Ministers' Office Records (PDF) March 2021
Managing Records to Mitigate Risk (PDF) May 2018
Recordkeeping for Committees (PDF) January 2015
Recordkeeping Standards (PDF) December 2020
Records and Information Management Framework (PDF) May 2018
Records Schedules: What Managers Need to Know (PDF) August 2017
Records Scheduling: The Recommended Approach (PDF) November 2021
Text & Instant Messages (PDF) April 2020
Transitory Records (PDF) June 2018
Working Remotely and Recordkeeping Responsibilities (PDF) June 2020
Microsoft 365 Teams Recordkeeping Guidance (PDF) December 2020
Recordkeeping Systems (PDF) December 2020