Government Recordkeeping Training

Introduction to Records and Information Management in the Manitoba Government

This course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Once complete, you will be able to: identify government records, understand your responsibilities as a public servant, and recognize how records are managed in the Manitoba government.

This course is based on a version available in the Organization and Staff Development (OSD) Learning Management System. Public servants with access to that system should complete the version there so it registers as a completed course with OSD. This version will not track a user’s completion status.

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Transferring Records to the Government Records Centre

This course is designed for public servants in the Manitoba government that are seeking more information about how to prepare physical records for transfer to the Government Records Centre, and is a supplement to the GRO 2: Transferring Records (PDF) procedure.

The course takes approximately 55 minutes to complete. If you are transferring records for the first time, it is recommended that you review the entire course.  For a refresher on certain aspects of the procedure, please note the following sections and timings:

Section Timing Page in GRO 2
Introduction 00:00 --
The Transfer Process (general) 4:32 4
Packing Records 8:30 12 - 13
Determining What to Transfer 14:13 7
Completing Records Transfer Lists 18:50 8 - 12
Calculating Disposal Dates 39:20 10, 21
Review Process 42:33 15
Shipping Records 46:25 16
Confirmation of Transfer and Storage/Disposition 50:13 16

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