Workforce Relations

Collective Agreements


Collective agreements set the terms and conditions of employment for a group of employees represented by a union.

How Employee & Labour Relations Assists

The Employee & Labour Relations Branch is responsible for negotiating and administering a variety of collective agreements on behalf of the Manitoba government and Manitoba government departments and provides assistance in interpreting how provisions of the agreement are applied to ensure employees receive the rights and benefits that were bargained.

Current Collective Agreements

All Manitoba public service collective agreements negotiated by the Workforce Relations Division are accessible here: Current collective agreements

Top Manitoba Public Service Employee Questions

If you are a Manitoba public service employee, you may choose to discuss the section with your manager, human resources, or your union representative. If you do not know who to contact at human resources, please click here (Manitoba government intranet access required or call 204-945-2332 to obtain this contact information).

Additional Resources and Training

Manitoba public service supervisors/managers and human resource practitioners looking to better understand the roles and responsibilities of various parties under a collective agreement may register for the course, Management of the Collective Agreement, Discipline, and Performance Management, through Learning and Development (L&D Access Required).

Contact Information

If you cannot find what you are seeking, feel free to contact a member of the Workforce Relations team by clicking here.


Current Collective Agreements