Affirmative Action Policy - 1984

The Government of Manitoba and the Manitoba Government Employees' Union are committed to the concept of Affirmative Action to redress existing discriminatory barriers and to enhance promotion and equality of treatment within the provincial government for women, physically disabled persons, natives and visible minorities.

The union and the government agree jointly to ensure Manitobans under-represented in government employ have access to employment and opportunity for career path development within that employ, consistent with The Public Service Act and relevant collective agreements. While the present restraints on hiring throughout the Public Service will make it more difficult to implement Affirmative Action policies, both parties recognize the need to lay the groundwork for more equitable systems. To this end a joint union/management Affirmative Action committee will be established both at the central and departmental level. This committee will design a plan that will include outreach recruitment, special training and management development programs to redress the effects of past practices and to accelerate equalized representation in the work force. Given the systemic discrimination across departments in the clerical category, the central committee will also develop specific strategies and action to accelerate the promotion of persons classified in this category.

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