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For the Sake of the Children

For the Sake of the Children is a supportive information program to help parents understand what they are going through during the separation, both legally and emotionally, and to learn more about the needs of their children.

Court rules make program completion mandatory for Manitobans who are requesting, or responding to requests for, interim or final orders in The Court of Queen’s Bench or the Provincial Court for child custody, access, or private guardianship. The program is also available to other interested people, including guardians, grandparents, or other family members.

eCourse now available!

For The Sake Of The Children parenting program is now available online! Please visit Take the Course for more information.

Course Participation

Are there exceptions to mandatory completion?

Yes. Exceptions include:

  • where the other parent lives outside Manitoba
  • where the parties are consenting to the order
  • where the matter is unopposed
  • where the parent has attended the program within the three year period before the Petition or Petition for Divorce was filed
  • in certain circumstances, where the parent attended a similar program outside Manitoba
What does the program cover?

The program focuses on:

  • how parents and children experience separation
  • children’s developmental needs at different ages
  • the effects of conflict on the family
  • parenting plans
  • legal and financial issues alternatives to court

Participants will learn ways to manage and limit conflict, keep children from being caught in the middle, and communicate respectfully and positively as co-parents.