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For the Sake of the Children Course Materials

The For the Sake of the Children materials are available below. Some of the content will open in a separate tab. You may need to adjust your pop-up settings to allow the tabs to open.

For more information, read the terms and definitions, resources and common questions

The For the Sake of the Children parenting information program will be completed when you have:

Reviewed the following videos:

Legal Considerations

Listen 2 Kids About Divorce

Closed captioning is available by clicking on the CC button at the lower right corner of the viewing screen. Or, you may read the full scripts for Legal Considerations and Listen 2 Kids About Divorce.

Reviewed the following print material:

How do I show the court that I completed the course?

You must provide an Acknowledgement of Completion Form to the court to prove that you completed the program. Please complete the form below:

If you have a current family court matter, the original signed Acknowledgement of Completion form should be filed in person, or by mail, with the Manitoba court office where your file is located.

You should keep a copy of the form for your records.

For more information about how to complete and file an acknowledgment, contact a family guide.