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Financial Disclosure

The Financial Disclosure can be completed through a fillable PDF of Court Forms 70D and 70D.5. These forms are used by the court to help determine child support, spousal support, and the division of property.

For more information, please visit the Child Support, Spousal Support, and Property sections of this website.

How do I access child support without going to court?

As of July 1, 2021 the Child Support Service has the authority to make an initial child support calculation decision based on income information obtained from one or both parents, depending on the type of child support requested. The service can also recalculate an existing child support order, family arbitration award, or agreement by adjusting child support based on updated financial information. Decisions are enforceable by the Maintenance Enforcement Program. For more information, visit the Child Support and Child Support Application section of our website.

How do I access spousal support and/or divide property without going to court?

Separating spouses or common-law partners may make a private agreement, out of court, for spousal support and/or division of property. They may do this as part of a formal, written separation agreement. For more information, visit the Resolution and Written Agreements sections of our website.