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Community Financial Counselling Services

Community Financial Counselling Services provides services such as a financial review, assisting with budgeting and spending, credit counselling and information on money management. You can contact them at

Payday Loan Information for Consumers

This listing of frequently asked questions from the Manitoba Consumer Protection Office provides consumers with information about Manitoba’s payday loan legislation. 

Manitoba Student Aid is here to help you get the post-secondary education you want. They provide supplemental funding to Manitobans with financial limitations who meet their eligibility criteria.
Manitoba Student Aid bases the amount of assistance that you are eligible for on an assessment that compares your available resources with the expected cost of your education. Educational costs are based on tuition; basic living costs; books and supplies; and school compulsory fees.
The assistance you can receive includes federal and provincial loans, grants, and bursaries for both full-time and part-time students.  Loans must be repaid, but grants and bursaries do not. One application is filled out through Manitoba Student Aid that applies for you for both federal and provincial funding. 
The funding from Manitoba Student Aid is intended to help supplement your resources and that of your immediate family. Manitoba Student Aid can also provide information on student loan debt management programs to help you manage your loans.

Your Personal Credit Record

Almost all consumers have a permanent record of all their money borrowing history. This file is often called a credit report or credit history, and is very important as it can affect how much money a consumer can borrow and whether a landlord will rent housing to a tenant. This tip sheet explains what rights consumers have regarding their personal credit files. It also explains how to obtain a free copy of your credit report, what information is contained in it and what steps can be taken to correct possible mistakes that appear on your credit report. For more information about checking your credit score visit Equifax or TransUnion website.

The Manitoba Payday Borrowers’ Financial Literacy Fund

The government has created the Manitoba Payday Borrowers’ Financial Literacy Fund to support programs that improve the financial literacy of payday loan users. The Minister of Family Services and Consumer Affairs is responsible for managing the fund and may make or authorize payments from it. e