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Budgeting - Rural

Growing Forward: Agri-Advisor Program

This program supports farm and agri product processing businesses to improve business skills, adopt beneficial management practices and meet business goals using:

    • business plan advisory services;
    • business analysis and reviews;
    • marketing plan development;
    • product development planning;
    • succession planning and reviews; and
    • feasibility studies for new start-ups.

Downloadable Software - Farmplan

Farmplan is a set of co-ordinated financial statements designed to calculate the net worth, cash flow, income statement and debt service summary based on production and financial management plans for the coming year(s).

Risk Management

Business Risk Management (BRM) programs are in place to help farmers in managing risks from income declines resulting from drought, flooding, low prices, and increased input costs. The programs work together by providing protection for different types of losses, as well as cash flow options.

Cost of Production for Farm Enterprises

Information on the current costs of production for various types of farm enterprises can be useful in preparing budgets and financial statements.