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High School Mathematics Curriculum

Financial literacy is a part of several courses that students can take during their senior years of high school.

In Grade 10, students taking Essential Mathematics 20S study topics such as wages and salaries, unit pricing and currency exchange.

In Grade 11, students in Essential Mathematics 30S study topics like consumer decisions, personal banking, loans, credit cards and budgeting.

In Grade 12, students in Essential Mathematics 40S study topics including buying and maintaining a home, government taxation forms, business finance, and buying and operating a vehicle. Those studying Applied Mathematics 40S learn about investments, renting, buying, leasing and compound interest.

Manitoba Student Aid

Manitoba Student Aid is here to help you get the post-secondary education you want. They provide supplemental funding to Manitobans with financial limitations who meet their eligibility criteria.

Manitoba Student Aid bases the amount of assistance that you are eligible for on an assessment that compares your available resources with teh expected cost of your education. Edcuational costs are based on tuition; basic living costs; books and supplies; and school complusory fees.

The assistance you can receive includes federal and provincial loans, grants, and bursaries for both full-time and part-time students.  Loans must be repaid, but grants and bursaries do not. One application is filled out through Manitoba Student Aid that applies for you for both federal and provincial funding. 

The funding from Manitoba Student Aid is intended to help supplement your resources and that of your immediate family. Manitoba Student Aid can also provide information on student loan debt management programs to help you manage your loans.