Financial Literacy Resource Website

Consumer Education - New Immigrants

Living in Manitoba: A Resource Guide for Immigrant Women

This guide designed for women helps new immigrants adjust to life in Manitoba. Budgeting, opening a bank account, credit and financial support for senior women are a few of the topics discussed.

Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism Website

This website provides information for prospective immigrants about life in Manitoba. Some of the topics discussed include information about banking and money, shopping, taxes, financial assistance, and consumer resources.


This website will connect you with a counsellor who will assess your personal situation and help you find the help you need to adjust to life and find a job.

START services include:

  • registration for ENTRY, our orientation program for new immigrants
  • referral to an employment service that will help you with your career plan
  • referral to the immigrant settlement worker in your neighbourhood

Adult English as an Additional Language Classroom Resource

The Adult Language Training Program provides lessons for learning English as a second language and also resources for practicing English to improve the ability to read, write, listen and speak in English.

Buying a Home in Manitoba

Buying a home is a complicated financial transaction and it’s usually the largest single investment a person or family will ever make. Just imagine the challenge if English isn’t your first language or you have limited financial literacy. This free resource was created by plain language experts, specifically with Manitoba newcomers and immigrants in mind.