Birth Sibling

Manitoba Post- Adoption Services for Birth Siblings (18+ years of age):

Adoptive Family Profile:

An Adoptive Family Profile provides you with available information from the records about your brother or sister's adoptive parents including information about:

  • cultural heritage, religious affiliation, education, occupation and personality description and
  • your sibling development and wellbeing prior to the adoption being finalized.

If an Adoptive Family profile was completed and shared previously, another copy will be provided.

An Adoptive Family profile is shared in a non-identifying manner and will not contain names, full dates of birth or other identifying details. The amount of information available varies case by case and is dependent on the information that was gathered and recorded at the time of your sibling's birth and adoption planning.

Register for Contact/Search with Sibling placed for Adoption:

Register for 'contact only' or 'contact and search' services for your sibling who was placed for adoption in Manitoba. Registration requests for your sibling while they are a minor are accepted but Manitoba Post-Adoption Services will not conduct a search for your sibling until they are 18+ years of age.

By registering for contact only, Manitoba Post Adoption Services will:

  • Notify you if your adult sibling/your minor sibling's adoptive parent also registers to have contact with you. 
  • Share identifying information (full name, date of birth, and contact information) with your adult sibling/your minor sibling's adoptive parent if they also register.
  • Facilitate a reunion by assisting both parties with establishing direct contact with each other.

By registering for contact and search services, Manitoba Post-Adoption Services will: 

  • Search for your adult sibling.
  • If located, your adult sibling will be advised of your interest in contact and will be given the opportunity to register in order to have a reunion with you.

Note: A search is not performed for any person under 18 years of age or who has filed a Veto, Contact Preference, or past refusal.


A birth sibling (18+ years of age), whose brother or sister's adoption was granted in Manitoba.

A birth sibling of an adoptee who had their adoption granted outside of Manitoba, must apply for services through the jurisdiction where the adoption was granted. If you are unsure about where the adoption occured, Manitoba Post-Adoption Services may be able to provide you with information on the jurisdiction where the adoption was finalized.


Apply Online

Apply By Mail, Email or In-Person Download Application (PDF)

NOTE: Applicants must provide one copy of valid government-issued identification (ID).

Post-Adoption Contact Information