Manitoba Post-Adoption Services

Manitoba Post-Adoption Services assists adult adoptees and their immediate birth family members with information and reunification services, as legislated by Manitoba’s Adoption Act.

In cases where the adoptee is deceased, services also include assisting their adult children and immediate adoptive family members with information and reunification services.

Manitoba Post-Adoption Services does not provide genealogical information and services. Services only extend to children of deceased adoptees; no further descendants of adoptees are entitled to information or services through the Manitoba Post-Adoption Services.

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Protecting your Privacy:

Manitoba Legislation allows individuals to indicate if they wish to protect their privacy. Learn more at: Protecting Your Privacy.

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Manitoba Post-Adoption Services
2nd Floor – 777 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3G 0N3

Phone: 1-855-837-5542 (toll free in Canada and the USA)


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