Who is Eligible for Manitoba Health Coverage

You may be eligible for Manitoba Health coverage if you are:

a Canadian citizen

an Indigenous person (registered under the federal Indian Act)

a permanent resident

in Manitoba on a valid work permit (of 12 consecutive months or more)

the spouse or minor child (under 18 years) of a work permit holder (permit validity periods apply)

a convention refugee or protected person (as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada)

in Manitoba providing agricultural services and have been issued a work permit


make your home in Manitoba

are physically in Manitoba six months (183 days) in a calendar year

The following are not eligible for coverage:




students from other Canadian provinces or territories who are in Manitoba temporarily to attend school full time and who plan to return to their home province or territory after their studies

For further information about eligibility requirements please see: The Health Services Insurance Actexternal link and the Residency and Registration Regulationexternal link.