Health Card Information

Manitoba Health issues a card (or registration certificate) to all Manitoba residents, which includes a nine digit lifetime identification number for each family member.

The white paper card has purple and red print, and includes the six digit family or single person’s registration number, name and address of Manitoba resident, family member’s given name and alternate (if applicable), sex, birthdate, effective date of coverage, and nine digit Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN).

Manitoba Health Card diagram

* Beginning March 1, Manitoba Health will issue six-digit family registration numbers on Manitoba Health cards that include one alphanumeric character (ie: A12345).

Registration certificates issued by the Insured Benefits Branch confirm eligibility, provided you continue to live in Manitoba. Carry your certificate with you at all times and present it whenever you or your dependants require health services.

Your registration is affected by any change in location or family status. Please report a new address, a marriage, birth, adoption, death, divorce or legal separation to the Insured Benefits Branch.

Registration certificates entitle persons named on the certificate to health benefits. It is an offense under The Health Services Insurance Act to allow a person to use the certificate whose name is not recorded on the certificate. If you lose your certificate, be sure to write or telephone the Insured Benefits Branch for a replacement.

Information about how to register to be an organ and tissue donor and program contact information will be included with your new Manitoba Health Card. For more details or to register, please visit www.signupforlife.caexternal link.