Licensing and Standards of Personal Care Homes

The 26 standards are set out in The Personal Care Home Standards and Licensing Regulation under The Health Services Insurance Act.

Standards pertain to admission, care plans, nursing and medical care, pharmaceutical care, recreational and spiritual care, staff education, and infection and disease control as examples.

Licenced Personal Care Home Standards Reviews

Under this legislation, Manitoba Health licences and monitors all personal care homes in Manitoba. Facilities are reviewed regularly and any problems or concerns found during a review must be corrected within a specified time.

Standards reviews can be scheduled or unannounced, and each licensed personal care home in Manitoba is reviewed a minimum of once every 2 years by a review team consisting of Quality and Standards Officers from Manitoba Health and representatives of the local regional health authority. Feedback from residents, families and staff is often collected during standards reviews through one on one interviews or written questionnaires.

Review results and the actions taken by personal care homes to correct any problems found during a review are used to make licencing decisions.

Where can I access the Standards Review reports?

The Standards reviews have been made available to the public at: Province of Manitoba | Personal Care Homes.

How do I know which personal care homes are licensed?

Personal Care Homes are owned and operated by a variety of providers including regional health authorities, non-profit organizations or proprietary (for profit) organizations. All of Manitoba's 125 Personal Care Homes are licensed and listed at Personal Care Home Standards Reviews.

Manitoba's legislation does not allow the operation of a non-licensed personal care home. There are other housing and long term care options that are not licensed or regulated through the personal care home regulations but may be helpful to your needs. It is important to discuss your needs with a home care case coordinator or social worker (if you are in hospital), to help you navigate these other options. For more information, please visit the Housing Options for Older Manitobans page for more information.