Health Care Statistics

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living oversees the performance of the health care system, which is comprised of a broad network of services and programs. The five regional health authorities (RHAs), set up by the province to meet the local needs of Manitobans, are responsible for direct service delivery in their respective regions. As of April of 2013, these regions were the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Southern Health-Santé Sud, Interlake‐Eastern Regional Health Authority, Prairie Mountain Health and the Northern Regional Health Authority.

The department collects information on the performance of the health care system as a whole, and is committed to making as much information available as possible. Links to access data are available on each topic here:

Wait Times (including historical data)

Population Health and Health Services Use

Primary Health Care

Continuing Care

Emergency Medical Services


In 2016, the Manitoba government hired KPMG to conduct a Health System Sustainability and Innovation Review and provide recommendations on how health services could be more efficient, effective and sustainable in the long term.

The review was conducted in two phases. The first phase provided high-level recommendations, and the second provided more detailed work plans for implementation. This includes changes such as the clinical consolidation in Winnipeg, and the creation of a provincial health organization – Shared Health. 

Information from both phases of the Health Sustainability and Innovation Review about initiatives already underway is now available. However, there are also proposals that will not be accepted or implemented. Releasing the full reports at this time could cause uncertainty about which proposals will or will not be implemented, which could make the work underway more difficult.

In addition, Shared Health will be developing a provincial clinical plan and reviewing proposals made by rural and northern health regions. This work will provide a foundation for further decisions that still need to be made on other recommendations from the Health Sustainability and Innovation Review.

The Health System Sustainability and Innovation Review will be released in its entirety in May 2018, with limited exceptions related to personal information, pre-estimate decisions and information that could significantly affect relationships with third-party stakeholders.