Maximum Security
A maximum security centre houses maximum security risk offenders and can house minimum and medium security offenders.

Maximum security offences are in the high severity range. They normally involve direct and intentional use of weapons or violence and the victim has suffered serious physical or psychological harm.

Maximum security facilities in Manitoba are Headingley Correctional Centre, Winnipeg Remand Centre and the Lakewood Unit of Agassiz Youth Centre.

Medium Security
A medium security centre houses medium security risk offenders and can house minimum security risk offenders.

Medium security offences can involve the threatened or potential use of violence or weapons, assault or other offences that make the offender a risk to the community.

Medium security facilities in Manitoba are Manitoba Youth Centre, Agassiz Youth Centre (except Lakewood), The Pas Correctional Centre and Brandon Correctional Centre.

Minimum Security
A minimum security centre houses minimum security risk offenders. Minimum security offences typically do not involve violence, weapons or bodily harm to the victim.

Probation is a sentence that allows an offender to remain in the community under specific conditions set by the court.

Remanded Accused
This is a youth or adult who has been put in custody until the charges are dealt with by the courts or bail is granted.

Sentenced Offender
For adult offenders this involves sentences up to two years less a day. For young offenders this is all sentences.