Role of Corrections Employees

Corrections staff are involved directly in managing offenders. They are part of a special, multi disciplinary team responsible for the humane care, custody and eventual reintegration of offenders back into the community.

Staff responsibilities include:

  • ensuring safety and security of youth/adult offenders with direct supervision and managing risk through case-management
  • addressing the needs of individual offenders, including risk assessments, programs and release planning
  • facilitating programs that target areas of criminogenic need, such as: antisocial thinking, antisocial behaviour, antisocial companions, education/employment, recreation/leisure, family/marital, addictions, family violence, anger management and sex offender programming
  • working in a variety of locations including living units, program facilities, recreation areas and providing community escorts
  • working with offenders who have a range of unique needs, including: gender responsivity, special needs, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and cultural diversity