File a Claim

Employees, who believe their employers did not pay them correctly, can file a claim with the Employment Standards Branch within six months of the last day of work or when the incident happened.

Do I have an Employment Standards Complaint?

The Employment Standards Code establishes the right and responsibilities of most employees and employers in Manitoba. The following questions will help you determine whether the Employment Standards Branch can help you resolve your complaint.

Are you owed money from work primarily performed in Manitoba?  
If you answered “No”, please contact the employment standards office in the jurisdiction where the work was performed. If you have jurisdictional questions, please feel free to contact the Employment Standards Branch.  

Has it been longer than 6 months from your last day of employment?
If you answered “Yes”, we may not be able to investigate your complaint due to the length of time passed. Please contact the Employment Standards Branch.

Do you work in a federally regulated industry such as airlines, national/international trucking, banking, railways, or in TV or radio broadcasting?
If you answered “Yes”, or are not sure, please contact Canada Labour Program (1]800]641]4049) for more information.

File your complaint online

Other ways to submit a complaint:
You can submit a complaint by email, mail or fax using the printable Complaint Form (PDF)
By email at
By Fax: 204]948]3046
By Mail: Winnipeg - 604 - 401 York Avenue, R3C 0P8

What happens after I file a Complaint?
As a neutral third party, the Employment Standards Branch will investigate and make a decision on your complaint by speaking to both you and the employer to gather information, review facts and apply the legislation.    The length of time to resolve each complaint is different depending on many factors such as complexity of the issues and cooperation of all parties involved. If you have any documentation to support your complaint (pay stubs, record of time worked, etc.) you will be asked to provide them when an officer contacts you.



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