Labour Adjustment Services

Labour Adjustment Services assists workers and employers to find solutions to actual or potential workforce downsizing arising from business closures or layoffs due to economic, technological or industrial change. A joint labour-management approach is often used through the establishment of a committee with representation from the affected employees, the company as well as staff from Labour Adjustment and Employment Manitoba.

In potential downsizing situations, Labour Adjustment Services make the initial contact and participate in the development of a responsible and flexible adjustment process. Depending on the circumstances, Labour Adjustment staff will facilitate cooperative efforts to:

  • Ease the process of layoffs and closures
  • Smooth the transition to re-employment
  • Assist individuals, and groups to adjust to the workplace change

Labour Adjustment Services will partner with staff from Employment Manitoba to work with companies that want to pursue a joint labour/management committee model to deliver services to affected workers. A Worker Adjustment Committee Manual is available as a guideline, to assist committee members in effectively meeting the challenge of providing all of the services that will be required by workers facing loss of employment.

A Worker Adjustment Handbook has been developed to assist workers impacted by job loss. The handbook highlights information on resume styles, job search and interviewing techniques, career options and community services/resources in Manitoba.

Where there is down-sizing by a community's primary employer in single-industry communities, there may be a need for the community to also plan for long term economic development. Information and resources to help communities take an active role in directing the future of their economic growth are available at