Public Registry

The Livestock Technical Review Public Registry contains completed Site Assessments, supporting documents and information for each proposal received as of January 1, 2012.
File No. TRC-12-069 Doerksen Poultry (Posted March 11, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-068 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms: Clearview (Posted March 5, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-067 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms: Ashwood (Posted March 5, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-066 Carey Colony (Posted February 10, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-065 Crocus Swine (Posted February 10, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-064 Rose Valley Colony (Posted January 28, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-063 Waldheim Colony (Posted January 27, 2020)
File No. TRC-12-062 Gall Family Farm Ltd (Posted December 9, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-061 Monarch Colony Farms Ltd (Posted November 19, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-060 Riedbow Dairy Ltd (Posted November 7, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-059 2-81 Holding Co Ltd (Posted September 23, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-058 De Jong Dairy (Posted September 6, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-057 Eddystone Farm Joint Venture (Posted August 29, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-056 J & D Grenier Farms Ltd  (Posted June 24, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-055 HyLife Shiraz Nursery (Posted June 14, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-054 Platinum Pork Inc. (Posted May 16, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-053 HyLife Merlot Nursery (Posted March 27, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-052 Eagle Creek Colony Ltd. (Posted February 8, 2019)
File No. TRC-12-051 Reutter Dairy (Posted December 19, 2018)
File No. TRC-12-050 Red Plain Farms Ltd. (Posted November 12, 2018)