Public Registry

The Livestock Technical Review Public Registry contains completed Site Assessments, supporting documents and information for each proposal received as of January 1, 2012.
File No. TRC-12-106 Manova (2012) Ltd. (Posted July 4, 2024)
File No. TRC-12-105 James Valley Colony Ltd. (Posted May 31, 2024)
File No. TRC-12-104 Sunnybrook Swine Inc. (Posted June 20, 2024)
File No. TRC-12-103 La Bass Holsteins (Posted April 08, 2024) 
File No. TRC-12-102 Midwest Poultry Ltd (Posted March 22, 2024) 
File No. TRC-12-100 Hylife Ltd. – Pinot Farms (Posted October 24, 2023)