Public Registry

The Livestock Technical Review Public Registry contains completed Site Assessments, supporting documents and information for each proposal received as of January 1, 2012.

File No. TRC-12-001 Bogaard Farms Ltd (Posted June 28, 2012)

File No. TRC-12-002 Red River Pullet Farms Ltd (Posted December 5, 2012) 

File No. TRC-12-003 Laingspring Farm Ltd (Posted March 26, 2013) 

File No. TRC-12-004 Red River Pullet Farms Ltd (Posted July 30, 2013) 

File No. TRC-12-005 Divorne Farms Ltd (Posted September 4, 2013) 

File No. TRC-12-006 Bronson Dairy Inc (Posted September 4, 2013) 

File No. TRC-12-007 Family Friendly Farms Ltd (Posted September 24, 2013) 

File No. TRC-12-008 Sturgeon Creek Holding (Posted January 31, 2013) 

File No. TRC-12-009 Nevin Bender (Posted February 21, 2014) 

File No. TRC-12-010 007 Livestock Feeders (Posted April 14, 2014) 

File No. TRC-12-011 Red River Pullet Farms Ltd (Posted May 5, 2014) 

File No. TRC-12-012 Group Westco Inc (Posted May 15, 2014) 

File No. TRC-12-013 Prairie Organic Layer Farms Ltd (Posted September 25, 2014) 

File No. TRC-12-014 Canada Sheep and Lamb Farms Ltd (Posted October 7, 2014) 

File No. TRC-12-015 Blumengart Hutterian Mutual Corp (Posted April 8, 2015) 

File No. TRC-12-016 Lactaria Holsteins Ltd (Posted May 7, 2015)

File No. TRC-12-017 Rising Hope Dairy (Posted July 23, 2015) 

File No. TRC-12-018 Kirk Kliever (Posted September 9, 2015) 

File No. TRC-12-019 Canada Sheep and Lamb Farms Ltd (Posted September 25, 2015) 

File No. TRC-12-020 Verbruggen Prairie Farms Ltd  (Posted July 15 , 2016) 

File No. TRC-12-021 Delta II Elskamp (Posted July 15, 2016) 

File No. TRC-12-022 Rocky Ridge Dairy Inc. (Posted July 22, 2016)  

File No. TRC-12-023 Canada Sheep and Lamb (Abas Girls Ranch) (Posted November 10, 2016)

File No. TRC-12-024 Delta II Boar Test Station (Posted February 8, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-025 Porcherie Notre Dame Ltee (Posted March 2, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-026 Birkland Farms (Posted March 27, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-027 Waldheim Colony (Posted March 31, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-028 Rosedale Colony (Posted March 31, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-029 Olszowka Farms Ltd. (Posted June 9, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-030 Divorne Farms Ltd. (Posted July 11, 2017) 

File No. TRC-12-031 Canada Sheep and Lamb - Lundar (Posted October 20, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-032 Burnbrae Farms Ltd. (Posted December 7, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-033 Canada Sheep and Lamb - Rockwood (Posted December 15, 2017)

File No. TRC-12-034 HyLife Ltd. - Tuscany (Posted January 26, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-035 HyLife Ltd. - Niagara (Posted January 26, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-036 HyLife Ltd. - Napa (Posted January 26, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-037 HyLife Ltd. - Southgate (Posted January 26, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-038 Halarda Farms Ltd. (Posted February 5, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-039 V.C. Hog. Ltd. (Posted February 22, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-040 Westview Colony Farms (Posted March 21, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-041 Rosser Holsteins Ltd. (Posted March 21, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-042 Anseeuw Dairy Farm Ltd. (Posted April 5, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-043 Fairholme Colony Farms Ltd. (Posted April 23, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-044 Streamline Dairy (Posted June 1, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-045 Sunnybrook Swine Inc. - Site 1 (Posted July 6, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-046 Lifewind Farm Ltd. (Posted July 6, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-047 Canmark Family Farms Ltd. (Posted July 6, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-048 Cool Spring Colony Ltd. (Posted August 22, 2018) 

File No. TRC-12-049 Pennwood Dairy Inc. (Posted September 19, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-050 Red Plain Farms Ltd. (Posted November 12, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-051 Reutter Dairy (Posted December 19, 2018)

File No. TRC-12-052 Eagle Creek Colony Ltd. (Posted February 8, 2019)

File No. TRC-12-053 HyLife Merlot Nursery (Posted March 27, 2019)

File No. TRC-12-054 Platinum Pork Inc. (Posted May 16, 2019)

File No. TRC-12-055 HyLife Shiraz Nursery (Posted June 14, 2019)

File No. TRC-12-056 J & D Grenier Farms Ltd  (Posted June 24, 2019)