About the Livestock Technical Review Process

The technical review process requires proponents to prepare a site assessment, which is available to the public, who can then make informed comments about the proposal before a report is prepared by the provincial Technical Review Committee (TRC).
  • Completed Site Assessments are submitted directly to the Technical Review Co-ordination Unit.
  • Site Assessments are posted on the Livestock Technical Review Public Registry.
  • The public is notified about proposals through a notice placed in a local newspaper, which also invites the public to provide comments. As a courtesy, municipalities or planning districts are requested to mail the newspaper notice to every land owner within 3 kilometres of the project site.
  • Public responses are submitted during a 30-day commenting period. Comments received are posted on the Public Registry.
  • The TRC provides support to local governments through a technical review of proposals and its related reports, which are posted on the Public Registry.
  • After receiving TRC reports, Municipal Councils or Planning District boards hold a public Conditional Use Hearing (as per The Planning Act). Notice of the hearing is by way of an advertisement in the local newspaper and a notice mailed to every property owner within 3 kilometres of the proposed project site.
  • The TRC is composed of representatives from the provincial Departments of Agriculture and Resource Development, Conservation and Climate, Infrastructure, Municipal Relations.