About the Livestock Technical Review Process

The technical review process requires the producer to prepare a site assessment which is available to the public who can then make informed comments about the proposal before a report is prepared by the provincial Technical Review Committee.
  • Because this is a new and technical process, livestock producers proposing new or expanded operation are strongly encouraged to contact the provincial Technical Review Coordinator before they complete the site assessment.
  • Completed Site Assessments are submitted directly to the Technical Review Coordinator.
  • The Coordinator will post the Site Assessment on the Livestock Technical Review Public Registry on the Municipal Relations website and notify the public by way of a local newspaper advertisement. A copy will also be forwarded to the Municipality for the public to access.
  • A 30 day period for public comments has been established. Comments received will be posted on the Livestock Technical Review Public Registry by the Coordinator.
  • The Technical Review Committee provides support to local governments through a technical review of proposals for large livestock operations (300 or more Animal Units). This review is based on:
    1. information provided by the livestock producer;
    2. local land use plans (Development Plan and Zoning By-law);
    3. the Farm Practices Guidelines for various livestock commodities in Manitoba;
    4. provincial acts and regulations, such as the Livestock Manure and Mortalities Management Regulation; and
    5. other available information as deemed appropriate by the Technical Review Committee.
  • The Technical Review Committee is made up of representatives from the provincial Departments of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, Conservation and Water Stewardship, Infrastructure and Transportation, and Municipal Relations, which coordinates this committee.
  • The Site Assessment and the Technical Review Committee report will be made available to the public. Proprietary information provided in the Site Assessment should be clearly noted.
  • No sooner than 30 days after receiving the Technical Review Committee report, the Municipal Council will hold a Conditional Use Hearing open to the public (as per The Planning Act). Notice of the meeting will be by way of an advertisement in the local newspaper and a notice posted at the Municipal Office.