Municipal Finance and Advisory Services

Grants and Payments to Municipalities

The Government of Manitoba provides annual funding support to all 137 Manitoba municipalities to address operating and capital priorities critical to maintaining healthy, sustainable communities. 
Manitoba is developing a new simplified approach to funding that will provide municipalities with a fair say in how dollars are invested, ensure strategic outcomes, and maximize value for money. Funding will be delivered through a basket funding model that gives municipalities the flexibility they need to respond to their emerging priorities.
Core operating funding has been maintained at 2016 levels, including funding for public safety, transit and other municipal services. Municipalities will also continue to access significant funding for infrastructure.
Additional grant funding is provided to all municipalities from other departments to support police, fire, paramedic, and other important municipal programs and services.

Grants-in-lieu of Taxes 

The Government of Manitoba pays grants to municipalities for over 9,000 provincially-owned properties located within municipal boundaries in lieu of the taxes that otherwise would be payable if the properties were subject to municipal and education property taxes.

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Municipal Finance and Advisory Services
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