Compliance of Shortline Railways

Transport Canada’s rules, regulations, standards and guidelines apply to provincial shortline railways in Manitoba. Shortline railways are expected to know and comply with all of the ones that apply to their operations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Canadian Rail Operating Rules
  • Track Safety Rules
  • Grade Crossings Regulations and Standards
  • Work/Rest Rules

All shortline railways are expected to maintain a regular schedule of inspections, repairs and maintenance, and are responsible for doing post-inspection follow-up.

Shortline railways are inspected on a regular basis by Transport Canada to make sure safety requirements are met. The Rail Safety Officer will often attend during the inspections.

Shortline railways are also required to report all accidents and/or incidents in compliance with section 6 of the Provincial Railways Fitness Criteria and Safety Regulation.

For more information, contact the Railway Safety Officer by email or by calling 204-945-3890.