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Trade Description:

Cooks plan menus, prepare a variety of foods according to health and safety regulations and manage commercial kitchens. While specific duties vary depending on the establishment, cooks generally prepare meals and are responsible for food costing, safety and sanitation. Cooks also supervise kitchen helpers and food preparation personnel in food preparation, cooking and handling. Respect for diets due to culture, health or religion is important.

Restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals and health care institutions, schools, food commissaries, clubs and resorts are all major employers.

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Apprenticeship - Annual Requirements:

Levels Total Hours/Level
(On-the-Job & Technical Training)
Total Weeks/Level
(Technical Training)
Delivered By
2 2,700 12-12 RRC

Training Standards:

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Challenging the Exam - Trades Qualification:

Years of Experience Hours Required Additional Practical
Exam Required
4.5 8,100 No
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Designated Trainers:

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Accredited Programs:

Apprenticeship Trade Training Institution -
Secondary Schools 
Training Institution -
Post-Secondary Schools
Training Institution
Program Name 
Cook __ Assiniboine Community College/ MB Institute of Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Program 1 & 2
College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate __ Food Services Program 1
__ Commonwealth College Inc. Culinary Arts Program 1
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School __ Food Services Program 1
Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School __ Cook Program 1
Kildonan East Collegiate __ Culinary Arts Program 1
Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre Culinary Arts Program 1
Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology Culinary Arts & Design Program 1
Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute __ Food Services Program 1
Northlands Parkway Collegiate __ Culinary Arts Program 1
R. B. Russell Vocational School __ Food Services Program 1
__ Red River College Culinary Arts Program 1 & 2
Steinbach Regional Secondary School __ Culinary Arts Program 1
Swan Valley Regional Secondary School __ Food Services Program 1
Technical Vocational High School __ Commercial Food Services Program 1
__ University College of the North - The Pas Culinary Arts Program 1
W.C. Miller Collegiate __ Culinary Arts Program 1
__ Winnipeg Global Education College Culinary Arts Program 1