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Trade Description:

Gasfitters install, inspect, repair and maintain gas lines and gas equipment such as meters, regulators, heating units and appliances in residential, commercial and industrial establishments. This also includes testing and replacing defective equipment, attending to gas-escape calls and assisting in the investigation of gas fires and explosions, advising clients on safety features and maintenance of gas units, converting cars or appliances to use natural gas fuels, preparing work reports, reading and interpreting drawings and blueprints.

There are two types of gasfitters based on the licence they obtain;

a. Gasfitter - works on all equipment, commonly referred to as Commercial / Industrial
b. Domestic Gasfitter - works on equipment with up to and including 400,000 BTUs (British thermal units)

Gasfitters are employed by gas utility companies and gas servicing companies and also work in new home building and renovation, heavy industrial, and institutional and commercial construction sectors.

Trade Regulation Gasfitter Sample Exams
Domestic Gasfitter Sample Exams
Additional mandatory license to be obtained after receiving the Certificate of Qualification:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Gasfitter and Gasfitter – Domestic Certification

Occupational Analyses:

Gasfitter National Occupational Analysis
Domestic Gasfitter National Occupational Analysis

Apprenticeship - Annual Requirements: 

Levels Total Hours/Year
(On-the-Job & Technical Training)
Total Weeks/Year
(Technical Training)
Delivered By
Gasfitter* (2) + 2 1,800 (10-10)-10-8
RRC (All Levels)
ACC (Level 2 only)
Domestic Gasfitter 2 1,800 10-10
RRC (All Levels)
ACC (Level 2 only)
* For levels 1 and 2 of Gasfitter, technical training and practical experience prescribed for Domestic Gasfitter is followed.

Training Standards:

PDF Document Level One PDF Document Domestic Gasfitter Level Chart
PDF Document Level Two PDF Document Domestic Gasfitter Profile Chart
PDF Document Level Three PDF Document Gasfitter Level Chart
PDF Document Level Four PDF Document Gasfitter Profile Chart
PDF Document Domestic Gasfitter POA Subtask to Unit Comparison PDF Document Gasfitter POA Subtask to Unit Comparison

Challenging the Exam - Trades Qualification:

  Years of Experience Hours Required Additional Practical Exam Required Form(s)
Gasfitter 6 10,800 No PDF Document Work Experience Form
Domestic Gasfitter 3 5,400 No PDF Document Work Experience Form