Experienced Tradespersons

Apply to Challenge the Certification Exam

If you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a landed immigrant or have work experience from a country outside Canada, and currently reside in Manitoba you may be eligible to apply to challenge the Certificate of Qualification.

Eligibility Requirements

There are three main requirements to become eligible to challenge your certification exam

  • Demonstrated minimum number of years working in the trade
  • Demonstrated minimum number of hours working in the trade
  • Demonstrated experience in at least 70 percent scope of the trade

To Learn more about trade specific requirements, please see the Trade Profiles.

Note: If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for your trade, but have some work experience, you still have options through apprenticeship training. Your previous work experience can be assessed through discussions with your employer and the Apprenticeship Training Coordinator assigned to your trade This assessment may reduce the overall length of your apprenticeship program.


Application Checklist

Congratulations on taking this step. Applying to challenge your exam and achieve certification can be very exciting and open so many doors for your career.

For this step, be prepared with all your information and facts. Read through all documents carefully to ensure that you are disclosing all the applicable information. Do you know the eligibility requirement for your trade? Do you know the information that you need to supply for the application form? Have you read through the Work Experience Form?

Work Experience Forms

The Work Experience Form is a self-assessment tool that defines the tasks and subtasks of the trade as determined by the Canadian standard. How you assess yourself is an important step to prepare for the certification exam. The Work Experience Form provides the Qualifications Assessor with valuable information as to your level of work experience when assessing the 70% scope of the trade requirement for eligibility to challenge the certification exam. Work Experience forms can be found on the specific Trade Profile.

Employer Letter(s)

Employer letters are required to provide additional assessment information that documents written proof of the practical skills you have acquired working on-the-job. It also ensures that your competencies are at the level of a journeyperson. Employer letter(s) must include the exact dates of employment, total hours worked, a detailed list of tasks/duties performed and the employer’s signature.

Learn more on how to write an Employer Letter.

Self Declaration

There are many reasons for your inability to attain a letter from an employer. Example include self-employment, unknown address or business closure. Instead of handing in an employer letter, please sign and date a self-declaration letter outlining the employment details listed above is required.

NOTE: An interview with the Qualifications Assessor may be required so that you can better express your work experience. This interview may require you to write a short, trade specific sample exam. The sample exam will provide you with an idea as to your technical knowledge as it relates to the exam. It will also allow the Qualifications Assessor to assess your technical knowledge as it relates to your work experience.

Learn more on how to write a Self-Declaration Letter.

Important Information for Hairstylists, Electrologists and Estheticians

If you are applying for Trades Qualification as a Hairstylist, Esthetician or Electrologist and waiting for your Trades Qualification application to be approved you may apply for a Temporary Authorization to Practice so that you can legally work in your trade in Manitoba.

Learn more at Temporary Authorization to Practise.

Cross Trade Credits

In related trades such as Agricultural Equipment Technician, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Truck & Transport Mechanic, Automotive Service Technician, your Certificate of Qualification may reduce the hours and years required in another trade. Please disclose all applicable information in your application form.