Experienced Tradespersons

Pre-Arrival Information for Internationally Experienced Tradespersons

If you are an Internationally Experienced Tradesperson and would like to immigrate to Manitoba, visit Manitoba Immigration at: www.immigratemanitoba.com

You must be a Manitoba resident and be residing in Manitoba in order to be approved to challenge the Certificate of Qualification. It is also important to note that you may also need an employer in Canada to give you experience and training depending on the trade and your experiences.


Prior to arriving in Manitoba, you can measure your trade skills against the Canadian standard at Tradesinfo.ca. This resource will help you determine which trade certification exam to challenge and help you identify what skills you may need to improve.

Learn more at Tradesinfo

Preparing to write the certification exam - to improve your success with the certification exam, you will require a specific level of essential skills and English language skills.

Learn more about English language training at the English Language and Assessment and Referral Centre.