Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities Operating Manual

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Section 166.1 - Support Services - Overview


Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities participants may require financial assistance from the Individualized Training Fund for disability-related specialized support services in conjunction with attendance in an educational or vocational training program or to access employment.

The supports and/or services requested must be required by the participant to facilitate his or her participation in the vocational process and must extend beyond the person's day to day living requirements.


The range of Support Services includes:

  1. Building Modification
  2. Technical Aids and Devices
  3. Vehicle Modification
  4. Transportation
  5. Room and Board
  6. Incidental Expenses
  7. Other Special Services
  8. Special Equipment


As part of the ongoing Individualized Vocational Planning process the Vocational Counsellor assists the participant to determine which support services are needed and which are eligible for funding through the Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities Individualized Training Fund.


When items such as building or vehicle modifications, technical aids, devices or special equipment exceed $1000, the Vocational Counsellor should obtain price quotations from three suppliers for the equipment which will meet the participant's disability-related needs unless there is only one or two known suppliers, as well as equipment alternatives or options.


Justification is required for the purchase of computer systems in excess of $1000 that addresses specific disability-related hardware and software configurations.


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