International Education


Welcome to the international education website of the Province of Manitoba, Canada. This site covers all aspects of the field of international education and is designed to provide information and resources to a wide group of people:

International Students

We welcome international students to Manitoba and appreciate the diverse perspectives they bring to our classrooms and communities. Manitoba offers an excellent and affordable education experience, with complete immersion in English or French speaking environments.

Domestic Students

Manitoba students who want to expand their international and intercultural horizons are encouraged to explore this site. Exposure to other countries, languages and cultures is an invaluable experience. It will not only benefit you as an individual but will also prepare you to make even greater contributions to your community.

International Clients and Partners

CEOs and managers seeking to improve their organizations through specialized training can access Manitoba 's expertise in various fields. This site is also a point of contact for institutions and organizations looking for mutually beneficial partnerships in the field of education.

Education Professionals

Educators who recognize the need to expose their students to diverse perspectives in all areas of study will find useful resources on this site. Information is also provided for those who want to expand their own professional experience and share their knowledge with others.

International education administrators who want to ensure high quality opportunities for the students, faculty, and communities with whom they work are a natural audience for this site

The Public

We hope this site will increase general knowledge about international education and its various benefits to our communities. Ideas for getting involved at the local level are also provided.

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