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2. Archival Descriptions

If you choose this option, you will search general descriptions of groups of archival records at the fonds, series and sub-series level. This is the most inclusive database, providing a broad overview of the holdings of the Archives of Manitoba, including the Hudson's Bay Company Archives. In many cases, it includes links to descriptions of listings.

Choose one or more of the following search options:

  • Keyword
    • You may enter any number of keywords. A keyword search will undertake a full text search of the database.
  • Keyword in Title:
    • You may enter any number of keywords. This option searches the title of descriptions in this database. This includes the title of:
      • Manitoba government record series
      • Hudson's Bay Company corporate record series
      • Private sector fonds, collections or series
  • For both Keyword and Keyword in Title, you may choose one of the following:
    • All of these keywords: This is the default option. Choosing this option will return database hits that include all of your search terms.
    • Any of these keywords: Choosing this option will return hits that include any, but not necessarily all, of your search terms.
  • General Search Tips:
  • You can truncate your search using *. This will locate words that have a common stem. Example: Entering farm* will match farm, farming, farmer, farmers etc.
  • Common words will be ignored. These include: the, a, an, in, of, and, these
  • Choose a format:
    • You may limit your search to only those groups of records that contain a particular format of material such as textual records, photographs, maps, etc.
  • Start and End Date:
    • You may limit your search to records created during a particular date range. For example 1890-1895 will return only those groups of records that include material created in the period 1890 to 1895.
  • Schedule Number:
    • For Manitoba Government records only, you may search by the schedule number associated with a particular record series:
      • NR 0215
      • LA 0009
      • ATG 0025
  • Archives Unit:
    • You may wish to narrow your search by the area of the Archives which acquired and maintains the record:
      • Government Records
      • Hudson's Bay Company Archives
      • Private Records

What do my archival descriptions search results mean?

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