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2. Browse Record Creators

This search option allows you to browse an alphabetical list of the people, families, private sector organizations, Manitoba government entities and Hudson’s Bay Company entities that have created archival records held by the Archives of Manitoba.

Archival records are organized into groups according to the person, family, private sector organization, Manitoba government entity or Hudson’s Bay Company entity that created or accumulated them. For more information see How Archival Records Are Organized.

Select one of the Browse Record Creator options:

  • Browse Government Record Creators 
  • Browse Hudson's Bay Company Record Creators 
  • Browse Private Record Creators

To browse the list:

  • Use the scroll bar on the right hand side or choose the letter of the alphabet that you wish to browse.
  • Highlight a person, family, organization, Manitoba government entity or Hudson’s Bay Company entity by clicking on a name.
  • Click on the “View this Record Creator” button to go to a description of that person, group, government or HBC entity. You will also find a link to the archival description, showing the records created by the person or entity that you have chosen.

Search Tips:

  • People are listed by their last name. For example Nicholas Garry would appear in the list as GARRY, NICHOLAS.

If you are uncertain about the exact name of a record creator, you may also do a keyword search on Records Creators.

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