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2. Record Creators

If you choose this option, you will search descriptions of Manitoba government bodies, Hudson's Bay Company bodies, families, persons, and private sector organizations that have created the records held by the Archives.

Each description of a record creator includes links to descriptions of the archival records it has created. Start with this search option if you wish to know what records the Archives holds that were created by a particular Manitoba government body, Hudson's Bay Company body (including administrative levels and posts), person, family, or private sector organization.

Choose one or more of the following search options:

  • Keyword:
    • You may enter any number of keywords. A keyword search will undertake a full text search of the database.
  • Keyword in Name:
    • You may enter any number of keywords. This option searches the names of Manitoba government bodies, Hudson's Bay Company bodies (including administration and posts), individuals, families, and private sector organizations that have created bodies of archival records.
  • For both of the above keyword options, you may choose one of the following:
    • All of these keywords: This is the default option. Choosing this option will return database hits that include all of your search terms.
    • Any of these keywords: Choosing this option will return hits that include any, but not necessarily all, of your search terms.
  • General Search Tips:
  • You can truncate your search using *. This will locate words that have a common stem. Example: Entering farm* will match farm, farming, farmer, farmers etc.
  • Common words will be ignored. These include: the, a, an, in, of, and, these
  • Search Key People:
    • Key people refers to people who held positions of authority. This field has been used for Manitoba government entities and Hudson's Bay Company entities only.
    • Use the browse option to look for individuals; they are sorted alphabetically by last name.
    • Users should note that both government and HBC officials are represented in one list and that some names may not be hyperlinked to an online record at this point.
  • Type of Creator:
    • You may limit your search by choosing a type of record creator using the pull-down menu provided.
    • You may choose from:
      • All Record Creators (default)
      • Manitoba Government
      • Hudson's Bay Company
      • Person
      • Family
      • Private Sector Organization

What do my record creators search results mean?

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