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2. Listings (includes digital images and audio/video files)

Search Listings for a brief description of files and items in the holdings of the Archives of Manitoba. You can also search listings for digital copies of some records, including digital images and audio/video files.

Listings may include:

  • paper files
  • bound volumes, such as minute books or accounting ledgers
  • photographs
  • maps and plans
  • architectural records
  • sound, film or video recordings
  • documentary art

Choose one or more of the following search options:

  • Keyword:
    • You may enter any number of keywords. A keyword search will undertake a full text search of text fields within the database.
    • You have two options for modifying a keyword search:
      • All of these keywords: This is the default option. Choosing this option will return database hits that include all of your search terms.
      • Any of these keywords: Choosing this option will return hits that include any, but not necessarily all, of your search terms.
  • You can truncate your search using *. This will locate words that have a common stem. Example: Entering farm* will match farm, farming, farmer, farmers etc.
  • Common words will be ignored. These include: the, a, an, in, of, and, these
  • Check the ‘digital copies’ box if you would like to limit your search to archival records that have been digitized.
  • Choose a format:
    • You may limit your search to a particular format (e.g. photographs, architectural drawings or maps). Choose an option from the pull-down menu.
  • Listings Location Code:
    • You may search for a particular file or item by entering its location code here.
  • Digital Image Number:
    • If you have a digital image number, enter it into this field to find the specific image.
  • Accession Number:
    • You may search by an accession number associated with an accrual to a series or fonds of records. Examples include:
      • GR0172  (government)
      • PR2008-44 (private)
      • HB2007/108  (Hudson’s Bay Company Archives)
    • Note that accession numbers are always recorded for government records; but not always for Hudson’s Bay Company or private records.
  • Archives Unit:
    • You may wish to narrow your search by the area of the Archives which acquired and maintains the records:
      • Government Records
      • Hudson's Bay Company Archives
      • Private Records
  • Dates:
    • You may limit your search to records that were created during a particular time period. You may limit your search to a year (e.g. 1920) or a range of years, separated by a dash (e.g. 1939-1945).

What do my listings search results mean?

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