Accessible Government Services

The Manitoba government is committed to providing equitable public services for Manitobans of all abilities.

The Manitoba Government Accessibility Plan (MGAP) is our two-year plan for improving accessibility in departments across government.

The Manitoba Government Accessibility Plan


Requesting Accommodations

If you require an accommodation to access government services, information or a public event organized by a provincial government department, you can request an accommodation directly with the department or event organizer. Reasonable accommodations will be made.



The Manitoba Government Accessible Customer Service Policy outlines the measures applicable across government to ensure accessibility for the public.

Departments, units and other entities within government may have additional policies and practices to ensure access to their particular services. For information about additional policies, contact the department directly, or contact Manitoba Government Inquiry, who will direct you to the appropriate person or department.


Questions and Feedback

If you have questions about government services or would like to provide feedback about provincial government accessibility, contact Manitoba Government Inquiry. A customer service representative will direct your questions and comments to the appropriate person or department.


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