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When it came into force on November 24, 2003, The Child and Family Services Authorities Actcreated a new child welfare system in Manitoba. This law allows authorities for the Northern and Southern First Nations and a Métis authority to develop and deliver Indigenous child welfare services for their own people. A general authority was also created for all others. For more information on this child welfare system, go to the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry – Child Welfare Initiative website.

Child and family services agencies provide services throughout Manitoba under the authority of their respective authorities. The four authorities must designate agencies to provide joint intake and emergency services in certain geographic areas of the province.

A family’s first contact with the child welfare system will usually be through one of these designated intake agencies. However, there is a process that allows adult family members to choose either the authority that is culturally appropriate or another authority as a service provider. Visit Child and Family Services Contacts webpage for a list of all agencies in Manitoba.