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Child Abuse Registry

The province’s director of Child and Family Services maintains a Child Abuse Registry with information about people who have been found to have abused a child for employers and organizations that support, or work, with children. The registry lists:

  • persons who have been found guilty of an offence involving the abuse of a child or who pleaded guilty to such an offence;
  • persons found, in a child protection hearing, to have abused a child; and
  • persons found, by an agency’s child abuse committee to have abused a child.

All names and information on the Child Abuse Registry are confidential. Access to the registry is allowed only to certain people, in specific circumstances. The general public does not have access to this registry.

A person applying for a job that involves contact with children or someone who wishes to volunteer at a school, for example, may be asked to sign a consent so that the Child Abuse Registry can be checked for their name. The fact that a person’s name is not on the Child Abuse Registry is no guarantee that the person does not pose a risk to children.

More information about the Child Abuse Registry and about child protection services in Manitoba may be obtained from the director of Child and Family Services at:

Child Protection Branch
Manitoba Family Services
777 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3G 0N3
Website: www.gov.mb.ca/fs/childfam/child_abuse_registry.html
Email: car@gov.mb.ca
Phone: 204-945-6967
Toll-free: 1-800-282-8069 (Ext. 6964)
Fax: 204-948-2222